Where in the world are you?

Global map
Things have been a little quiet around here lately as so many of you are away researching, writing, and attending conferences. But just because you’re not here doesn’t mean we’re not interested in what you’re up to. So let us know where you’re working and what you’re doing. We’ll map your responses over the next month and at the end of August we’ll have a special prize for whoever is currently furthest away.*

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*NB: Holidays are not eligible!

2 thoughts on “Where in the world are you?

  1. Conducting my Disability Studies PhD fieldwork in a city in north India – an ethnographic study of the everyday experiences of young people (aged 14-25) with intellectual disabilities. Ensuring participants’ anonymity doesn’t allow me to say where exactly…

    1. Thanks for the update, Tim! Good luck with your continued fieldwork – it sounds incredibly important and we will happily pin your name to the region of North India in keeping with your privacy protection policy!

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