How to talk about your research in a nutshell – By Emmaline Stotter, 3MT People Choice Award Winner 2023

Why did I take part in 3MT…

Participating in the 3MT competition has been one of the highlights of my PhD so far! I signed up for the 3MT competition in 2023, towards the end of my first year of my PhD project, which I am undertaking in the Biochemistry department studying host-parasite interactions between the malaria parasite and the human red blood cell. I am an aspiring science communicator, and I am always looking for ways to practice and develop my communication skills. Therefore, 3MT presented a perfect opportunity, but it was also a completely new experience. The key take-home lesson for me was how to tell a compelling story. There truly is some incredible work being performed by PhD students and 3MT is the perfect practice for making our research accessible to all audiences.


Recently, I have spoken to a few people early in their PhDs who would like to enter the 3MT competition, but think that they do not have enough data to do so. This does not matter at all and in my opinion, it is not the point of the 3MT competition! 3MT is an opportunity to present the overall picture and relevance of your research to a wider audience. And I can’t even imagine that three minutes would be enough to present data, let alone to introduce the background of it. Instead, you are given a challengingly short amount of time to be compelling, inspirational, and creative in the story telling of your important and pioneering academic work.

Why should you take part in 3MT…

3MT is a brilliant opportunity for PhD students to remind themselves of why they chose to undertake such a challenge and to share their passions with the wider community. At the University of Bristol, not only are you provided with mentorship from a brilliant team of people, but you will also compete alongside other like-minded and enthusiastic individuals. Everyone has their own style of storytelling, which I found compelling and helpful to learn from. The 3MT competition was a truly enjoyable and memorable experience. I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to participate and I highly recommend it to all PhD students.

Emmaline Stotter, 3MT People Choice Award Winner 2023

If you are interested in applying for this year’s 3MT competition you can find out more and apply here.

Application deadline 5 February.

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