Festival of Postgraduate Research


The Festival of Postgraduate Research took place on Friday 21st February 2014 and included stands run by postgraduate researchers and University services alongside a range of research posters, breakout presentations and workshops.

As we consider what went well and what we could improve for next year, we would welcome your feedback. If you attended or took part in the Festival let us know what you think we should repeat again next year, or what you feel we could do differently. If you chose not to attend, we would be interested to hear your thoughts on what would make it more appealing to you.

5 thoughts on “Festival of Postgraduate Research

  1. The Careers Service had a very busy afternoon with our stand and felt it was well worth attending! It was very helpful to have the marquee, as it offered some private space for the students asking personal career questions. It all seemed very well organised and there was a very lively atmosphere.
    Dr Tracy Johnson, Careers Adviser

    1. Thanks for this feedback Tracey, we’re really pleased that the Careers Service were there to help raise awareness of the services available to PGRs at Bristol.

  2. To be honest, I was somewhat disappointed. I only had an hour free that day between experiments, and wanted to quickly dash round and read the posters people had presented. Sorry to say I found the speeches a little self-indulgent. By the time the self-congratulations had finished I was left with little time to experience the event that you have evidently worked so hard to put together!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Steve. We’re sorry to hear that you didn’t get a chance to have a proper look around in the free time you had. If there are welcome talks included again next year we will do our best to ensure they are advertised more clearly so you can plan your time accordingly.

  3. The event was a great idea and it was well-organised. It was nice to see so many postgrads there. I felt slightly dizzy with all there was to see and hear!

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